TNT Squared, Inc. (formerly Thompsons Construction) incorporated in 2010 and has been in the St. Louis area for over 14 years. We offer many additional services not typically offered by other contractors. In order to offer our customers a wider variety of services, we do not specialize in one particular field. Instead we have learned and mastered many fields.


At the age of 14, Tim Thompson, Founder and President, began working in the construction field, building new homes. Working for free and picking up the trade quickly, the 2 brothers who employed him started to pay him a wage, as they claimed he was one of their best employees.


He then honed his craft by working for an “old school” contractor. There he learned the proper way to do things. He continued to work for a large construction company while in high school and college. At the age of 18, he used this experience and knowledge to start his own roofing business. After a few years, he had an opportunity to move to St. Louis to work for a large parcel company. Tim never got far from the construction field and after 3 ½ years resigned his position and dedicated his time and energy to build and grow the company that is today, TNT Squared, Inc.


Today, he currently rehabs entire homes for both his customers and himself. TNT Squared, Inc. performs work both inside and out of your home, always treating your house as if it was our own. As the owner of the company, Tim has 23 years of experience working in every part of residential construction. TNT Squared, Inc. keeps its employees up to date with the latest technology. This helps us to suggest and aide in designing your project. We take great pride in our service and quality workmanship and ensure our work is completed in a timely manner. We are our biggest critic.


We look forward to working with you to help make your house a home by fixing the old & building the new. We are here to help you.


TNT Squared Inc